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Attacks on First Responders/Rescue Workers are Shameful Regardless of Who Does Them

مئی 4, 2013

Re: The twin Azizabad blasts, i’d like to point out that follow up attacks on people coming to rescue of the victims of an initial attack is the sort of atrocity the US forces regularly commit in our tribal areas with the full support of the ruling MQM, PPP & ANP coalition government.


Rejected Comment on Mr Hamid Ali Moosavi’s Ashura Address Published on

نومبر 25, 2012

The writer is a terrorist, associated with a formally banned outfit, the ‘Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqh-Jafria’ which seeks to implement the so-called ‘Fiqh Jafriya’ (Shi’ite rule) over the majority Sunni population of Pakistan, by force. As for what he has said, I would like to note that healthy nations are proud of the sacrifices of their elders and celebrate them instead of putting on ghastly and macabre displays and recalling real or fictional atrocities of the past in pornographic detail.