Attacks on First Responders/Rescue Workers are Shameful Regardless of Who Does Them

مئی 4, 2013

Re: The twin Azizabad blasts, i’d like to point out that follow up attacks on people coming to rescue of the victims of an initial attack is the sort of atrocity the US forces regularly commit in our tribal areas with the full support of the ruling MQM, PPP & ANP coalition government.


Rejected Comment on ‘Thorny issue of secularism bound to prick, but cannot be ignored ‘: A Refutation of Nasira Iqbal, Javed Jabbar and Other Deluded Individuals

فروری 18, 2013

According to a 2008 survey conducted on behalf of the non-partisan American think tank Terror Free Tomorrow, 36.8 percent of the Pakistani population thought that it was very important goal for the Pakistani government to impose strict Shari’ah law throughout Pakistan, while 37.9 percent thought that it was a somewhat important goal. In contrast 11.8 percent considered it to be somewhat unimportant while only 7.2 considered it to be not important at all. From the survey it is obvious that having their government impose the Shari’ah in Pakistan is a vision shared by nearly 75% of the population of the country.

The extent to which the people of Pakistan are a Islamic people can be gauged from the fact there exist no popular political parties in Pakistan which advocate secularism or the idea of separation between religion and state. It is common for supposedly left-wing and progressive political parties to use religious imagery and affirm the Islamic nature of the country in their political messages[1].

As for "opposing Pakistan” i.e. opposing the partition of India, what is Ms. Nasira’s proposal? Should all those who believed that partition was not in the best interests of Indian Muslims be denied political power in Pakistan? Was partition a political question facing the Muslim community of India, which a sincere Muslim could oppose or was it some cornerstone of faith to deny which would be blasphemy[2]?

[1]An example of this can be seen in PPP’s manifesto which declares: "Islam is our Faith. Democracy is our politics. Socialism is our Economy. All Power to the People”. Despite being the most irreligious of all existing mainstream political parties, PPP leaders still feel the need to affirm their faith in Islam. Another example of this can be seen in the public behavior of the former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, despite belonging to a thoroughly Westernized family and being a graduate of the Cambridge university, Bhutto found it necessary to don the Islamic head covering when she entered politics. A further example of this may be seen in the attempt, by Bhutto’s political party, to use Bhutto’s assassination and the killings of various other members of their party as rhetorical tool in establishing the ‘Islamic’ credentials of the party. Thus the assassinated Benazir Bhutto and her father Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto are both referred to as “Shaheed” i.e. martyrs in the Islamic cause. Thus Javed Jabbar, who claims that Pakistan is a "secular society” because Islamic parties have never been in power, is a merely deluded idiot. Unless the "non-religious” parties contest elections on an explicitly anti-Shari’ah platform, a vote for them cannot really be considered a vote for secularism.

[2] The bogus argument that a large number of `Ulama were opposed to the partition of India and therefore should be denied political voice in Pakistan – More on that later insha Allah

A common misinformation spread by the mulhideen regarding Islamic laws in Pakistan is that these laws have mostly been promulgated by unpopular military regimes. In reality Pakistan has had four military dictators and of these four, only one namely Zia ul Haq has been sympathetic to the enforcement of Islamic laws and to the religious classes, the other three military regimes mostly had an adversarial relationship with the religious classes. The Islamic aspects of the Pakistani government have mostly been promulgated by populist and democratic governments rather than military dictatorships, for example the democratically elected Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto government passed the Islamic constitution of 1973, the ban on alcoholic drinks and the official declaration of the heterodox Qadiyani sect as a non-Muslim group.On the other hand the first military dictatorship, that of Ayyub Khan was responsible for promulgating the Muslim Family Ordinance, which was widely condemned by the religious classes as a set of un-Islamic laws based on western thought. In fact the first martial law was proclaimed in Lahore against the first Khatm-e-Nubuwat movement (1953), in defence of the Qadiyani sect. In reality Pakistanis have always had their aspirations blocked by a satanic Mulhid-Military alliance.

Three further issues that need to be addressed are:
– The meaning of secularism and mulhideen taking exception to the term ‘La Deeniyat’
– Takfir of Jinnah/Iqbal: Are they subject to the same standards as everyone else or not?
– Nature of the social contract of Madinah: Was it really a secular contract?

Rejected Comment on Aasim Sajjad Akhtar’s ‘State of Cognitive Dissonance’ from Dawn’s Opinion Page

دسمبر 25, 2012

The writer of this piece displays a perfect example of cognitive dissonance by making conspiratorial insinuations regarding Tahir ul Qadri’s rally in paragraphs 3-5, only to condemn and ridicule conspiratorial thinking of ideological opponents in paragraphs 11-13. In reality the type of thinking prevalent in Dawn’s opinion page is exactly the same type of thinking which is found among those who blame Jews, Christians and Hindus for everything, it’s only the bogeymen who are different.

Rejected Comment on Mr Hamid Ali Moosavi’s Ashura Address Published on

نومبر 25, 2012

The writer is a terrorist, associated with a formally banned outfit, the ‘Tehrik-e-Nifaz-e-Fiqh-Jafria’ which seeks to implement the so-called ‘Fiqh Jafriya’ (Shi’ite rule) over the majority Sunni population of Pakistan, by force. As for what he has said, I would like to note that healthy nations are proud of the sacrifices of their elders and celebrate them instead of putting on ghastly and macabre displays and recalling real or fictional atrocities of the past in pornographic detail.

Advocates of Kufr Should be Driven Out of Karachi

نومبر 4, 2012

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala revealed to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu `alayhi wa Sallam, a set of laws. Some of these laws are to be implemented in a Muslim’s personal life, others are collective laws that require a government and a community. Secularism is a kufriyyah ideology that restricts religion to a person’s private life. A secularist is opposed to those of Allah’s laws which pertain to a community’s collective life.

Sindh has been an Islamic land for more than a thousand years. Urdu speaking Muslims who settled here some sixty years ago (like my grandparents) had their right to settle here because they were Muhajireen in the way of Allah. Now those of their descendants who have renounced Islam and have become secularists have no basis to remain in Sindh and should be driven back to where they came from.

The Salman Taseer Murder: Our People May Not be Provoked without Consequence

جنوری 4, 2011

While all extrajudicial killings are to be condemned, perhaps our secularist minority may learn a lesson from this killing?

Wikileaks Diplomatic Cables Leak 07TELAVIV2652: Mossad was Concerned for Musharraf’s Wellbeing

نومبر 28, 2010

The leaked cable dating from August 2007, shows that Mossad had an interest in Musharraf retaining power, Mossad chief Meir Dagan was intimately aware of the intricacies of Pakistani politics and even had an interest in the ‘Wardi’ issue i.e. he wanted Musharraf to retain both the presidency and his post as head of the army at the same time and remain in power for the next few years. The paragraphs which include the Mossad chief’s statements on Musharraf are excerpted below :

1. (S) In an August 17 meeting, Israeli Mossad Chief Meir Dagan thanked Under Secretary Burns for America’s support of Israel as evidenced by the previous day’s signing of an MOU that provides Israel with USD 30 billion in security assistance from 2008-2018. Dagan provided his assessment of the Middle East region, Pakistan and Turkey, stressing Israel’s (a) concern for President Musharraf’s well-being

D4. (S) Assessing the region, Dagan said Israel sees itself in the middle of a rapidly changing environment, in which the fate of one Middle Eastern country is connected to another. Dagan then said he was concerned about how long Pakistani President Musharraf would survive

16. (S) On Pakistan, Dagan said that President Musharraf is losing control, and that some of his coalition partners could threaten him in the future. The key question, Dagan said, is whether Musharraf retains his commander-in-chief role in addition to his role as president. If not, he will have problems. Dagan observed that there has been an increase in the number of attempts on Musharraf’s life, and wondered whether he will survive the next few years.

A Succinct Description of the Anti-"Ground Zero Mosque” Movement

ستمبر 23, 2010

9/11 lunacy : “Ground Zero Mosque,” Judeofascist hatemongers, Tea Party Einsteins, and Hitler loving Hindu idiots

Feisal Abdul Rauf: Living Proof of Surah al-Baqarah Ayah 120

ستمبر 17, 2010

Feisal Abdul Rauf’s ridiculous kufr-appeasing beliefs and treacherous statements which do not help him at all in his quest to gain approval of the Kuffar.

General Ashfaq Parvez Kiyani is not fit to lead Pakistan Army and should be removed from office

جولائی 24, 2010

A few days ago, in an interview with the ARY news channel, Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan related how Musharraf had been compromised by the US since the very beginning and how he surrounded himself with sycophant generals who kept quiet during meetings never raising any objections to his disastrous policies.

Nowadays both the government and opposition accept that Musharraf’s policies were wrong and that his brutal actions resulted in the creation of thousands of radicalized young men, willing to resort to terrorism even against their own people.

Now Kiyani is one of these handpicked sycophants of Musharraf. He has a share in all of Musharraf’s murderous and treacherous actions against the Ummah and against Pakistan. He was also responsible for giving Musharraf a ‘gaurd of honour’ despite the fact that the nation hated him and wanted him kicked out in disgrace.

Such a person as General Kiyani should not have been allowed to complete his regular term of service as the COAS much less being given a three year extension.