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Attacks on First Responders/Rescue Workers are Shameful Regardless of Who Does Them

مئی 4, 2013

Re: The twin Azizabad blasts, i’d like to point out that follow up attacks on people coming to rescue of the victims of an initial attack is the sort of atrocity the US forces regularly commit in our tribal areas with the full support of the ruling MQM, PPP & ANP coalition government.


Advocates of Kufr Should be Driven Out of Karachi

نومبر 4, 2012

Allah Subhanahu wa Ta’ala revealed to Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu `alayhi wa Sallam, a set of laws. Some of these laws are to be implemented in a Muslim’s personal life, others are collective laws that require a government and a community. Secularism is a kufriyyah ideology that restricts religion to a person’s private life. A secularist is opposed to those of Allah’s laws which pertain to a community’s collective life.

Sindh has been an Islamic land for more than a thousand years. Urdu speaking Muslims who settled here some sixty years ago (like my grandparents) had their right to settle here because they were Muhajireen in the way of Allah. Now those of their descendants who have renounced Islam and have become secularists have no basis to remain in Sindh and should be driven back to where they came from.